Our Funding Initiatives

HobokenPEF has raised more than $450,000 since its founding in 2015, money used to fund important initiatives across the Hoboken District Public Schools: Brandt, Calabro, Connors, Wallace, Hoboken Middle School and Hoboken High School. 

Based on meetings with Superintendent Dr. Christine Johnson and the K-12 district school principals, Hoboken PEF projects will continue to focus on innovative programs, improved facilities, and essential technology.

2017-2018 Projects

·      Second Annual Hoboken Schools Leadership Retreat

For the second year in a row, HobokenPEF supported teachers and administrators across the district prepare for the new school year by funding the Hoboken Schools Leadership Retreat held in August. A group of Principals, Directors, Deans and Teacher Leaders came together for this powerful learning experience, which explored the topics of data analytics and metrics in order to establish a transparent dashboard to be launched by the Superintendent this school year - an initiative that will enable students, parents and the community-at-large to track progress, as well as, provide recommendations for continued improvement. Retreat attendees identified areas of critical importance and discussed the manner in which data will be collected, measured, analyzed, and presented in areas surrounding academic, social and emotional student progress.

·      Trout in the Classroom Program - All schools

HobokenPEF is delighted to fund NJ Trout in the Classroom (TIC) - a science based program that will teach students about the importance of cold water conservation through a hands-on approach to learning. During the process of raising brook trout from eggs to fingerlings, Hoboken Public School students will study the importance of clean, cold water not only for the brook trout they are raising, but for all other living organisms. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and connects science, mathematics, language arts, and technology concepts, content and skills. Through the Department of Environmental Protection and its Division of Wildlife, the program will provide our students with a rural experience both in each respective school and through an opportunity to visit the Hatchery in rural Warren County. The initiative will ensure that all Hoboken Public Schools receive full TIC kits, tanks, tank stands, hood lights and pumps.

  • Global Conflict and Resolution Challenge - Grades 6 -12

In September, the Hoboken Public School District launched a global conflict and resolution curriculum funded by the Foundation, which will include four challenges for students in grades 9-12 and four challenges for students in grades 6-8. Our goal is to bring real world, global contemporary issues to our students in a project-based manner. The High School challenges will be offered to all students during the Personal Growth Period and the Middle School level challenges will be offered during a newly developed STEAM block. Each challenge takes approximately one marking period to complete and includes a series of experts in the field from around the world, interacting with our participating students via a distance-learning platform. The student-led team working on each challenge will learn about the assigned global challenge, develop a resolution, and use various means of multimedia to communicate the manner in which the conflict may best be tackled. Each individual challenge will culminate in a specially designed field trip experience. Students, staff, parents and family, community members, and experts will be invited to Hoboken’s Public School District’s First Annual Global Summit slated for June 2018. 

  • Newsela Literacy Initiative - All schools

HobokenPEF will fund the Hoboken School District’s continued focus on Newsela’s K-12 writing initiative, as well as a new aggressive literacy initiative.  An online reading platform, Newsela warehouses leveled non-fiction text passages and current event articles in content area categories for teachers to use easily during class or to assign to students.  In addition to Newsela’s vast K-12 collection, it furnishes reading comprehension quizzes and writing prompts for each reading selection.  Newsela also warehouses student achievement and progress on any/all quizzes and tracks and monitors student usage.

  • Novel and Leveled Literature Library - All schools

Hoboken’s Elementary Schools, Middle School and High School will receive a Leveled Book Room Library from Scholastic funded by HobokenPEF with 6,200 texts, 240 books per level (40 titles, 6 copies each), 60 New Short Reads per level (5 cards, 6 copies each), the Bookroom 4.0 Accelerator, and an unprecedented collection of Professional Learning Resources for each respective school.

  • iClickers for Social Studies Instruction - Grades 6, 7 & 8

To assist in a new social studies curriculum, scope and sequence are being rolled out at the middle grades level. Students will instantly become engaged and part of class discussions and paideia seminar through the use of iClickers.  This one-to-one response system funded by HobokenPEF at Wallace, Connors, Calabro and the Middle School, will enable each of the social studies teachers to manage their own class set of iClickers.  These small hand-held devices will be connected via software to our LED/Smart Boards in order to encourage students to provide their opinions, vote, answer questions, or respond to critical thinking questions in real-time and allow the class to assess data from their entire class.

  • New Marquis Boards - Wallace School & Hoboken High School

HobokenPEF will supply Wallace Elementary School and Hoboken High School with new marquis boards for important announcements and communication with students, parents, teachers and the wider community.

  • Offsite Learning Experiences - Elementary Schools

 Cultural field trips offer students an important opportunity to add measurable depth to their education.  HobokenPEF is delighted to fund a range of enriching field trips that contribute to the development of Hoboken’s public school children in 2017-18.