Our Funding Initiatives

Hoboken PEF has raised more than $700,000 since its founding in 2015, money used to fund important initiatives across the Hoboken District Public Schools: Brandt, Connors, Wallace, Hoboken Middle School and Hoboken High School. 

Based on meetings with Superintendent Dr. Christine Johnson and the K-12 district school principals, Hoboken PEF projects will continue to focus on innovative programs, improved facilities, health and wellness and essential technology.

In School Year 2019-2020, Hoboken PEF is funding the following initiatives: 

  • District-wide music expansions and enhancements including a new strings program (all schools, K-12) 

  • District-wide experiential learning field trips to coordinate with in school learning (all schools, K-8) 

  • District-wide Assemblies to promote global awareness, cultural immersion and social justice (all schools, K-8) 

  • District-wide school supplies (all schools, K-5) 

  • District-wide Chromebook lending library (all schools, K-5) 

  • Hoboken Middle School Community Book Club (6-8) 

  • Hoboken Middle School’s first Fall Musical (6-8) 

  • Hoboken High School seminar practice room build-out and implementation (9-12) 

  • Hoboken High School racial and cultural awareness artwork (9-12)

  • Hoboken High School Relaxation Pods (9-12) 

  • District-wide professional development for all staff and teachers (all schools)