In School Year 2018-2019, Hoboken PEF funded the following initiatives:

Leadership Development Initiatives

  • 3rd Annual District Leadership Retreat (District wide) – A leadership retreat for administrators and teacher leaders for the purpose of unpacking our newly designed strategic plan and developing accompanying communication protocols and data dashboards. This plan is a compilation of input provided by students, staff, parents, board of education members and community groups. All those that participate continue to meet as a group throughout the year to ensure that the dialogue continues. Over the past two summers, over fifty staff members have been part of the professional learning and conversations.

  • Google Apps for Education Leadership Team Training and Certification (District wide) - The Hoboken Public School District continues to work toward becoming a Google Apps for Education district.  In order to do so, they have established a Google Apps for Education Leadership Team. The classroom and instructional benefits of being a certified in Google Apps for Education is far-reaching and moves HPS even closer to meeting all of the 21st Century Learning Standards. HPS will accept applications and select forty-five staff members to participate in the yearlong training program.

Unique and Innovative Learning Experiences

  • Indoor Living Classroom at Hoboken Middle School (District wide) The Living Classroom lab is housed at Hoboken Middle School but will be available to all of our elementary classes to visit. Last school year, the Hoboken Public School District partnered with Stevens Institute of Technology to develop conceptual plans for a unique classroom space that would allow children to bring the scientific method to life. After months of planning, it was determined that a research facility, highlighting the Hudson River, would be a relevant and exciting theme for the new classroom. Together with a team from Stevens Institute, HPS met with students, staff and parents to generate ideas. HPS is partnering with the Hudson River Project and other organizations, along with Stevens, to connect HPS students to the body of water separating their home city from Manhattan. Hoboken Public Education Foundation is donating the touch tank for the facility.

  • Field Trip Experiences (K-8 grade) The goal of these trips is to enhance curricular learning and to ensure equitable experiences for all children.

  • Thrively: Discover the Genius in Every Child (District wide) – It is becoming increasingly more important to diversify learning and to ensure that every child’s needs are met in school. In order to do so, a school district needs a unique digital platform. Thrively ( is an online system that guides students through a personalized journey to increase self-awareness, set goals and track progress, build skills and engage in real-world problem solving. Thrively begins with a series of activities and assessments to capture the learning styles, interests, and strengths. The better our teachers know our students, the more effective they will be at making the connections that are necessary to enhance student achievement.  All of the information generated is available not only to the student, but also to his or her teacher and parents. There are a large range of courses and projects that can then be accessed by the student either in school or at home.

Educational Technology & Facilities Enhancement Initiatives

  • Chromebook Cart for Family Usage (District wide) – The Hoboken Public School District is seeing tremendous growth in the area of Language Arts Literacy. Teachers are raising the level of rigor through reading and writing initiatives. Our students are asked to compose writing pieces on a regular basis and produce drafts and finished products, digitally. In addition, our students are often required to research topics and come to school prepared with the information that they have learned from NewsELA articles or district sponsored databases. Not all students in the Hoboken Public School District have access to technology or the internet in their homes. This initiative includes a Chromebook Cart equipped with 24 Chromebooks and 24 Verizon JetPacks that provide internet access. A lending library will be established for both the Chromebooks and JetPacks. These devices have firewall safeguards and the district does have the ability to set parameters around times and locations in which the internet can be accessed.

  • High School Auditorium Projector – The High School Auditorium is widely used for theater arts and drama productions, musical concerts, assemblies, meetings and other special programs.  Two years ago, Hoboken Public Education donated new sound panels and system.  The High School was in need of replacing the large scale projection device in the Auditorium to enhance high school activities, but also those hosted by our schools across the district.

  • Connors School Sound System – A new sound system for Connors School performances and assemblies will replace the current small, portable system.

Special Education

  • Multisensory Room at Wallace Elementary School - The Wallace Elementary School will be opening a Multisensory Room in order to provide a range of stimuli to help students develop and engage their senses. The Multisensory Room, often called a Snoezelen Room, will be available to all LLD, MD, ABA, and BD children.  This room will include lights, colors, sounds, adaptive physical equipment, and sensory soft play objects that will enable the children to interact without risk. The establishment and integration of this room into our district’s special education programming will be game changing. There is no other public school district in Hudson County that has a Snoezelen Room.

Health and Wellness Initiatives

  • Middle School Rope Venture Revolving Globe Climber – In conjunction with the Indoor Living Classroom, Hoboken Middle School will also be unveiling an outdoor activity park which includes a number of fitness and play oriented pieces for students to use. This area was designed in conjunction with Stevens Institute of Technology. The outdoor activity park will also include a garden area, a yoga and mindfulness space, and a harmony park corner, along with reading nooks and game tables.  The signature piece for the outdoor activity park is a Rope Venture Revolving Globe Climber. This piece of equipment is reflective of HPS’ health and wellness initiative and will be used before school, during the day for physical education and recess and after school.

  • Fitness Equipment for Hoboken High School’s Wellness and Mindfulness Center – The redesign of Hoboken High School will enable the school to establish a Wellness and Mindfulness Center for student use throughout the day.  This center will be open to Health and Physical Education classes, as well as to all students during the Personal Growth Period. 

  • US Games Stay Fit Class Pack for Grades 3-8 (Brandt, Calabro, Connors, Wallace and the Middle School) - To best enhance the Hoboken Public School District’s health and wellness initiative our elementary schools and middle school will receive Grades 3-8 fitness systems. The Stay Fit Class Pack’s equipment improves strength, aerobic capacity and flexibility.  It includes 24 rubber medicine balls, 24 fitness steps, 2 large PACMAN 100 Nitrile rubber exercise mats for yoga and various other activities, 24 multi-flex hurdles for conditioning, 2 fitness step carts, and mobile storage. 

  • StartFit K-2 Activity Package (Brandt, Calabro, Connors and Wallace Schools) – The Hoboken Public School District’s health and wellness initiative begins at the K-2 level. Our four elementary schools (Brandt, Calabro, Connors and Wallace). This fitness package is a one-stop option to spark curiosity about fitness, health and nutrition. This package includes a mix of 10-20-30 minute activities, plus lesson plans/teacher resource guide, and a mobile storage cart with assorted activities and fitness equipment.

In School Year 2017-2018, Hoboken PEF funded the following:

  • Second Annual Hoboken Schools Leadership Retreat

  • Trout in the Classroom Program - All schools

  • Global Conflict and Resolution Challenge - Grades 6 -12

  • Newsela Literacy Initiative - All schools

  • Novel and Leveled Literature Library - All schools

  • iClickers for Social Studies Instruction - Grades 6, 7 & 8

  • New Marquis Boards - Wallace School & Hoboken High School

  • Offsite Learning Experiences - Elementary Schools

In School Year 2016 - 2017, Hoboken PEF funded the following:

  • Brandt Auditorium Sound System

  • Calabro Smart Document Cameras

  • Connors Media Center Books and Turnstile

  • HJSHS Auditorium Sound & Acoustics System

  • HJSHS Outdoor Marquis Sign

  • Wallace Multi-Media Arts Supply Package

  • Family Science Nights (All grades K-6)

  • Professional Development for Teachers and Staff (District-wide)

  • Storm Drain Mural Project with Hoboken Green Team (Grades 5-12)